Residential Group Care

Residential Group Care

It is our belief that children should be living with their family whenever possible. That may become challenging when there is significant risk to the child’s safety, well-being or to society. If the risk to the child or society is significant, the child may need to be placed in out of home care temporarily, with services provided so that the child may be returned to their family and if not possible with their family of origin a family identified by the child as soon as possible.

Placement at the O’Connell Children’s Shelter is on a space available basis. Reasons for placement are:

Children placed under the protection of the Kansas Department for Children and Families

Children removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect, family conflicts, individual poor conduct, or legal issues

Multi-ethnic family members at home sharing a hug. Single latin descent mother at right. Adopted child center.

O’Connell Children’s Shelter (OCS) provides a structured yet healing home environment for youth. Placement with our facility guides the youth through unique family and personal life experience on a path directing their lives toward a fulfilling and purposeful future.

OCS has a licensed capacity to serve almost 60 children in residential care in five facilities located throughout Douglas County. These include the Williams and Winter Houses and The Ranch.

OCS also provides respite care for youth ages 6-18. Respite care is short-term care for up to seven days a month that relieves primary caregivers from their caregiving responsibilities. Respite may be arranged through mental health providers or a private placement agreement. 

Our goal is to assist youth in connecting with family or other caregivers that will support and strengthen youth in to moving beyond state custody and at times independently to young adulthood.