Tree or Wreath Profile Form

Tree or Wreath Profile Form

Thank you for participating in the 35th annual Lawrence Festival of Trees! The form below will give us all this info we need to place your donation to its best advantage in Liberty Hall AND to “talk it up” on the auction website. Please complete and submit the form by November 5, 2021. (If you’re donating more than one tree or wreath, fill out a form for each donation item.) Please do not fill out this form if you have not completed a tree or wreath pledge form!

Your tree or wreath title and description will appear on the Festival auction website. Due to limited space, descriptions are limited to 250 characters. We will edit your description if necessary. Some examples appear below. Please email with any questions!

It’s helpful for placement purposes for us to know as much about your donation as possible. You may use the “Important info or special instructions” box to give us additional information. For example: a tree might have an assortment of items that will be arranged on the floor around the tree, or a wreath may have very fragile dried flowers on it, or a live plant arrangement might need watering every other day. (Wreaths will be picked up by rather than delivered to buyers, but we still like to know which ones need special care.)

Remember, trees must be able to pass through a standard door and should be no more than 7′ tall. Keep in mind that small trees are as popular as large ones. We may need your help delivering your tree if it is especially fragile, needs to be taken apart and reassembled, or will be otherwise difficult to get to the buyer in good condition. Live “balled” trees must be delivered by the tree donor. You can find tree guidelines and more info in our Tree & Wreath Donors FAQs.

We can’t wait to see your trees and wreaths!

Thank you,
The Festival of Trees planning committee

Profile Examples:

Tree/Wreath Title

Tree Donor


The description of your tree or wreath should help "sell" it to potential buyers!

Holiday Happenings

Watkins Museum staff

In honor of our volunteers

Ornaments made from vintage invitations and antique posters remind us of historical holiday events from Lawrence's distant and more recent past. You might even see some familiar places or faces!

Joyful Noise

Maren Ludwig

This wreath is made of repurposed records and album covers, and comes with its own Spotify playlist!

Tree & Wreath Profile Form

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